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Amplitude is a leading digital analytics platform that helps product, data, and marketing teams unlock the power of their products. Amplitude Experiment enables customers to optimize their web and product experiences natively integrated with Amplitude Analytics. Customers like AlJazeera, Calm, Jumbo Interactive, BeReal, and Midjourney use Amplitude Experiment to design better experiments, target based on customer behavioral data, and learn from every experiment to drive growth and personalization. By connecting analytics and experimentation in one place, Amplitude helps companies connect trustworthy data, uncover clear insights about customer behavior, and take faster action. With this powerful new integration to Contentful, marketers and growth teams now run A/B tests directly in Contentful - without needing help from their engineering teams. This integration makes it easy for teams to: Build world-class, omnichannel experiences powered by customer data. With full access to their content, marketers and growth teams maximize their potential with A/B testing. Optimize experiences for better personalization directly from Contentful. Now, teams can leverage the power of A/B testing to personalize more web experiences. Accelerate time to value with no-code experimentation. Marketers and Growth teams now have new ways to drive growth without needing to rely on their engineering teams.

Here’s how it works: Customers configure their A/B tests using Amplitude Experiment. Build the variants directly in Contentful without code. By creating variants in Contentful, marketers and growth teams create new possibilities for webpage layout, build new options for landing pages, test CTAs, and more in just a few clicks. Teams analyze their results in Amplitude with clear recommendations about what to do next and drive better web performance. Learn more about Amplitude Experiment at"


  • Unlock no-code experimentation for marketers and growth teams using Contentful
  • Run A/B tests including copy, components, layouts, and pages directly in Contentful
  • Get the best of both worlds: Build variants directly in Contentful and configure and analyze your results in Amplitude
  • Use sequential testing or T-Tests in Amplitude Experiment
  • Maximize conversion rates without worrying about screen flicker
  • Target experiments by user cohorts with built-in identity resolution with remote evaluation


  • Access to Amplitude Experiment Growth or Enterprise plans
  • Request access to the Contentful Plugin for Amplitude Experiment from your customer success manager
  • Your Amplitude Org URL value. This value appears in the URL you use to access Amplitude Experiment:
  • Your Management API key which you can find in the Amplitude Experiment side bar


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