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About the Aprimo app

The Aprimo App allows editors to select media from their Aprimo DAM without leaving Contentful using the Aprimo Content Selector. The information about the Aprimo DAM assets are stored in Contentful for further customization. This allows your team to quickly search for, find, and use the perfect channel-optimized content from Aprimo without leaving Contentful's headless CMS solution. Simply click Browse Aprimo and select one or more assets you want to be referenced in your entry.


  • Search, browse, and filter assets to find exactly what you need
  • With one click, directly link your assets from Aprimo within your Contentful entries
  • Preview selected assets in Contentful
  • Choose the format and quality per asset, optimized according to the end-user's device


To use the Aprimo app, you will need:

  • A content type in Contentful with a field of type JSON object to hold the reference data from Aprimo
  • An Aprimo login
  • Already a client? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get access today.
  • If not already an Aprimo client, contact Aprimo to set up your instance (https://www.aprimo.com/free-dam-trial)


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