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About the Commerce Layer app

Commerce Layer is a multi-market commerce API and order management system that lets you add global shopping capabilities to any website, mobile app, chatbot, wearable, voice, or IoT device with ease. Make any experience shoppable anywhere through a blazing-fast, enterprise-grade, and secure API.

The Commerce Layer Contentful app lets content editors easily link Commerce Layer resources to content data in Contentful. Products that are linked from Commerce Layer can be easily previewed via the Contentful dashboard, making it easier for content editors to use the most recently uploaded products across catalogs and sites. To get started, kindly read the documentation on GitHub.


The current version of this app allows you to do the following in Contentful:

  • Full-text search for products
  • Preview selected products
  • Link one or more SKUs or SKU lists
  • Link one or more markets
  • Link one or more bundles


To use the app, you will need:

Commerce Layer Demo

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