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About the Crowdin app

With the Crowdin app for Contentful, you can make your website multilingual. Save time on managing translations by using this integration.

Once you set up the integration, you can select the files you want to upload to Crowdin from Contentful and sync them in a click. After uploading, you can choose how to translate your content. You decide if you'd like to use machine translation, work with in-house translators, or an agency. After translations are ready, you can sync them back to Contentful. You can also set up an auto-sync of source files and translations between Crowdin and Contentful or handle it manually.

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software for any content, so you can localize your website and any other content you have, from emails and ad banners to apps, games, and software. Crowdin automates content translation and localization so there's no copying and pasting needed.

Crowdin also has a native Contentful app that shows real-time translation progress within Contentful and allows you to create translation requests without leaving Contentful.


  • Translation of content - you can select content blocks for localization
  • Manual synchronization of content before and after translation
  • WYSIWYG file preview for translators
  • Effortless synchronization and translation of even minor content updates, such as a new sentence or modified word


You will need:

  • A Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise account with a Contentful app installed from Crowdin Marketplace


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Video demonstration available here


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Translation and Localization
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