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About the Incentro Publication Manager app

This app allows you to manage & publish content in different locales and languages. It creates an overview of the content in different locales and languages. This helps marketeers & editors to drastically lower the time-to-publish of content without any risk of manual mistakes. There is no more effort in publishing, our app sorts it for you!

How does it work? We’ve made a handy demo video of the Publication Manager. So you can see it in action. But maybe, it’s already time for you to install the app? Then follow our installation instructions below.


  • Asynchronous publishing of 5 translations
  • Contentful version control per locale
  • Labeling of localized content from version control
  • Locale/Market groups

Premium App (full version)

  • Publishing of unlimited translations
  • Asynchronous publishing of child entries

For more information on the premium app, please contact us at

Custom Support

Do you need more (custom) features to manage your publication process? We would love to have a look at your specific situation. We can support with topics like:

  • Integration with Contentful workflow
  • Content Firewall Settings for strict content governance
  • Governance per User/Role (e.g. publishing)
  • Audit trail

Installation Instructions

  • Add the app to the "Entry editor” tabs of your content-type
  • Create a field with ID “localiserStorage” of type JSON and check “enable localization of this field”
  • Set the appearance of the “localiserStorage” field to the “A-sync Localiser” app

For detailed installation instructions, click here.

If you are interested in the full version please contact us at


To use this app, you will need:

  • A Contentful account


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