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The LILT Connect app makes it easy for you to generate or translate content in any language right from within Contentful, saving you time while letting you continue to work in the systems you know.

Write content in Contentful, then send for translation, or generate content directly in your preferred language for immediate publishing. One simple click activates your preferred workflow, sending content to LILT for Verified Translation with quality assurance by skilled linguists, populating Instant Translation in seconds, or generating new multilingual content, all in your preferred tone, voice, and terms.

When Verified Translation is preferred, LILT pushes the translated content directly into Contentful forpublishing. You can track the status of your content right from within your Contentful instance. You can also send any translation project feedback to LILT right from within Contentful, enabling your LILT translator team to incorporate changes according to your organization’s preferences.

When new content generation is preferred, you can save time and streamline workflows by directly creating on-brand, AI-generated content in your preferred language directly within your Contentful instance. This multilingual content creation is available for users to trial, and upgrade for continuous usage.


  • Quick access to multilingual content translation and creation (LILT Verified and Instant)
  • Localization progress status oversight directly within Contentful
  • Translated content previewing, editing, accepting, and rejecting
  • Generated content previewing, editing, accepting, and rejecting
  • Content publication scheduling
  • Selection of specific content blocks for localization and content generation
  • AI-generated multilingual content paired with brand-specific company context and linguistic assets


To use this app, you will need:

  • A LILT account to send content for localization


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Translation and Localization, Artificial Intelligence
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