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About the Ninetailed Personalization and Experimentation app

Ninetailed is a composable personalization, experimentation, and insights solution that empowers digital teams to create experiences seamlessly within Contentful. With Ninetailed, teams can:

  • Define audiences
  • Get insights about the audiences and content components
  • Create personalized experiences and A/B tests
  • Preview these experiences
  • Analyze experience insights to optimize the experiences continuously

This allows companies to iterate on and improve their customer experience — ultimately uplifting conversion rates, increasing revenue, and getting the most out of their content investments.

Ninetailed is a composable marketing technology built on MACH principles. Therefore, Ninetailed’s integration with a composable stack is effortless, freeing up developers to quickly move on to bigger, better, and more rewarding tasks.

Ninetailed simplifies the process of personalizing, testing, and gaining insights from audiences, content components, and digital experiences by combining market-leading APIs with a deep integration into the Contentful authoring environment. Ninetailed integrates with upstream data sources to provide powerful audience segmentation tools that are aware of the rest of the marketing stack.

Marketing teams can define audiences, preview tailored experiences and experiments, and create personalized content and A/B tests directly within Contentful. Also within Contentful, Ninetailed provides actionable data about audiences segments, content components, and personalized experiences and experiments. Therefore, marketers can focus on what they do best: dreaming up and designing data-driven experiences that delight customers to increase their conversions and revenue without leaving Contentful.

Key Features of Ninetailed Personalization and Experimentation

  • Define your audience segments with user behaviors, intent signals, first-party data, and other traits without leaving the Contentful interface with Ninetailed Audience.
  • Get insights about the audiences and content components with Ninetailed Audience Insights and Component Insights to know where and how to start with personalization and testing in the most effective way.
  • Create personalized experiences and experiments directly within Contentful with Ninetailed Experiences, all with minimal effort and no reliance on developers — simply a few clicks suffice.
  • Create personalized experiences and run A/A, A/B, and A/B/n tests on a component level.
  • Understand the impact of personalization and experiments on your conversion rates, business growth, and digital customer experience with Ninetailed Experience Insights.
  • Connect Ninetailed easily with modern analytics tools and data sources like Segment, HubSpot, Shopify, Albacross, Zapier, etc., via native connections.
  • Ninetailed delivers personalization, testing, and digital experience optimization at the edge (in milliseconds), enabling you to create truly instant experiences.


  • You must have a paid Ninetailed license and a Ninetailed account. If you don’t have an account yet, talk to a Ninetailed expert.
  • You must have the Ninetailed SDK implemented on your code.
  • You should have an existing Contentful project.
  • You must connect your Contentful project to your Ninetailed account — check out the guide here.


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