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About the Ninetailed Personalization app

Ninetailed Personalization for Contentful enables you to create personalized experiences to improve your clients’ customer and shopping experience without web performance trade-offs.

With the best developer experience thanks to easy integration with SDK & plugins for major frameworks, e.g., React or Gatsby. Integrate Ninetailed in less than 10 minutes and use the tools and workflows you love.

Create personalized experiences and audiences effortlessly within Contentful. The best content creator experience, as there is no external tool needed. You can focus on content creation and workflows.

The best marketing experience to empower your content with personalization experiences and build perfect audiences and segments with multiple signals, intents, and unlimited traits: visited page, city, or campaign. You can even integrate dynamic events from other APIs like firmographic data or shopping data.

Get the maximum level of web performance with our Edge Side reRendering (ESR) technology.


  • SDK & plugins for major frameworks (e.g., React or Gatsby) for easy integration in minutes
  • Create personalized experiences seamless within Contentful
  • Build perfect audiences and segments with multiple signals, intents, and unlimited traits within Contentful
  • Integrate dynamic content personalization with your stack
  • Geo Distributed CDP and Analytics SDK compatible with Google Analytics
  • Client Side and Edge Side reRendering for best page performance
  • Extensive free tier and support


None, you will create a Ninetailed account and API Key in the install process.


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