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Say goodbye to manual and time consuming processes, and hello to streamlined localization workflows with Phrase TMS! By connecting Contentful to Phrase TMS, you can speed up your end-to-end localization process and deliver high-quality multilingual content to every channel. Work with the highest-ranked translation management system on the market to deliver your multilingual content to global audiences, launch in new markets, and drive growth.


  • Phrase TMS is intuitive to use and simple to integrate so you can stop worrying about managing content, and focus on forming deeper connections with people across cultures.
  • Publish content faster with automated translation workflows. Phrase TMS automatically starts the translation process as soon as you submit content to Contentful, and sends the translations back as soon as they are complete.
  • Keep track of translation projects without leaving Contentful–there’s no need to switch between tools or log in to Phrase TMS to check your progress.
  • Take control of the translation process with the ability to submit languages for translation separately, and publish them as soon as they’re ready. This reduces bottlenecks and ensures your audiences get access to content in their own language as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure the right terminology is used across all your content. Automated quality assurance and terminology checks ensure your brand is communicated consistently, no matter the language.
  • Boost translation workflows with AI-powered machine translation. Utilize 30+ available MT engines, including our own state-of-the-art, Phrase NextMT! Create the perfect MT localization workflow for fast, cost-effective, and reliable translations that don’t compromise on quality.


To use the Phrase TMS app, you will need:

  • Sign up for the Phrase TMS Enterprise Plan or request a free trial


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