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About the Saleor app

With the Saleor-Contentful integration, developers and content editors can accelerate productivity and drive more impactful experiences across retail sites.

Search-for and link Saleor products directly from the Contentful dashboard. Once linked, preview the products from within the Contentful web app.

New to Saleor? Saleor is the headless ecommerce platform revolutionizing frontend experiences through the world's most powerful GraphQL commerce API. Now Saleor Cloud is gaining momentum with fast-moving brands looking to free themselves from low-value-add devops.

At Saleor, GraphQL is more than an afterthought, it is our primary focus. That focus is winning the hearts of developers worldwide. Saleor’s the world’s fastest-growing open-source ecommerce platform.


  • Quicksearch for Saleor products
  • Link one or multiple Saleor skus
  • Preview Saleor products


To use this app, you will need:

  • A working Saleor eCommerce environment and a link to the Saleor API


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