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About the Shopstory app

Shopstory is the first visual/no-code builder that works inside of Contentful. It’s like Squarespace but compatible with your data model, front-end and design tokens. With Shopstory e-commerce designers, marketers and content teams can build new visual content without waiting for developers.

  • Build entire landing / campaign pages visually
  • Build single content sections visually and add them to existing repeater fields
  • Extend product or collection pages with extra content sections.
  • Inject small content pieces within product collection grids
  • Embed visually-built content within menus, search results, popups, cart, etc.

How it works?

  • Shopstory is simply a new CMS field. Developers can add Shopstory field anywhere within existing data model.
  • Fetch Shopstory content via Contentful API and rendered in any part of your React front-end. We provide easy-to-use SDK to orchestrate everything.


  • React front-end (next.js, Gatsby or others)
  • Shopstory SDK installed.


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Commerce, Editor Productivity, Marketing
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