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About the Slack app

The Slack app for Contentful lets you set up automatic notifications about specific Contentful events so that you can quickly notify collaborators about changes throughout the content lifecycle.

In a few clicks, developers and content creators alike can set up a notification across specific channels triggering a notification any time content is created, deleted, published or unpublished.

Want to start triggering notifications about content changes via Slack?

After installing this app and selecting the event on a specific content type and channel, you will receive a message posted by the Contentful app in Slack containing the event and entity. In Slack, a message will appear about the latest action and link directly to the entry.


  • Trigger automatic notifications when entries are (un)published, deleted and created
  • Selection of one or more channels to notify others
  • Applicable for several different content types and events at the same time


To use this app:

  • You must have permissions to add apps to your Slack workspace
  • You are authorized to add apps to a channel
  • The Contentful app is installed in Slack and invited to the channel where you want the app to post messages


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