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The essential language AI platform for multilingual content in the global enterprise with unlimited end-user use cases for multilingual content generation and translation. offers the most efficient & effective editing workflows for any employee or team as well as an embedded workflow with AI sourcing of experts

Brand-tailored Language AI continuously improves via an editing workflow feedback loop with a translation quality score system and an up-to-date enterprise multilingual content library.

Smartcat Adaptive AI delivers ever-increasing quality with less edits the more you use it, and embedded human workflows deliver editing at a fraction of the cost of traditional outsourcing.


  • Push any content in any format from Contentful into Smartcat for fast, high-quality AI translation and collaborative editing workflows that will remember every update so you never make the same edit twice
  • Last-minute changes? No problem! Just make a tweak and push changes to the same translation request. Smartcat will update only what has been changed
  • Full live preview of your rich content right from Smartcat, so that review teams can deliver quality content, faster
  • Structure your content models however you want — Smartcat supports translating deeply nested content structures and will keep you language variants in sync
  • Don’t worry about translations being too long to fit your model - length limit settings are passed to Smartcat so that translators know exactly when the string is too long to be pushed back into Contentful, and will make adjustments


To use this app, you will need:

  • A Contentful account
  • A Smartcat account with any plan (including 30-day free enterprise trials).


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Translation and Localization, Artificial Intelligence
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