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About the VWO app

Using the VWO app you can now create variations of your new & existing web pages within your Contentful account and easily run A/B tests to improve conversion rates. You can also access a summary of the A/B test results in your Contentful account and keep track of winning variations. Simply deploy the winning variation to 100% of the traffic and improve your key metrics. By installing this app you can empower everyone who has access to Contentful in your organization to make data-driven decisions by running A/B tests before every change on existing pages or new page deployment. This app brings you one step closer towards building a culture of experimentation.


  • Create variations of your existing or new web pages from within Contentful
  • Run A/B tests, multi-variant tests, split URL tests and multi-arm bandit tests
  • Access Bayesian powered reports facilitating faster test results
  • Improve conversion rates by deploying winning variations using Contentful


To use this app, you will need:

  • Access to an active VWO FullStack subscription and you must connect and authenticate your VWO account using the API key which you can find in the integrations section within the VWO app.


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Optimization & Personalization, Marketing
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