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The Contentful Algolia webhook template keeps your Algolia projects up to date with the latest content in your Contentful account. When content is published or unpublished, entries are indexed and removed, meaning the most-up-to-date content is always available via search in Algolia.

By default this webhook will:

  • Connect to an Algolia project that you select
  • Create an Algolia record when an entry is published for the first time
  • Update an existing Algolia record when an entry is republished
  • Remove an Algolia record when an entry is unpublished

The webhook template is scoped to events in the master environment and all settings can be updated after the webhook is created. Currently, the ability to reindex nested entries that reference a listing that has been updated is not supported. A future version of the Algolia app will support this and notifications when content is indexed or removed.

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