Contentful Announces New Products and Capabilities for the Contentful® Composable Content Platform to Intelligently Accelerate Creativity of Digital Teams

October 4, 2023

Multi-experience orchestration, Experience Builder, and AI-driven advancements enable greater collaboration, speed, and scale

DENVER and SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN, Oct. 4, 2023Contentful, a leading composable content platform for digital-first business, announced today the launch of new products and capabilities, including AI-driven advancements, that unlock all digital content across the organization to deliver impactful experiences at scale. 

In today’s digital-first world, boundaries and expectations are constantly changing while the landscape of digital channels continues to evolve. Through it all, content is the customer experience. It's through content that organizations captivate, entertain, and engage. And now, with the seismic shift driven by generative AI, organizations must determine how to take advantage of the latest technical advancements to deliver and scale experiences with the increasing speed, efficiency, and intelligence that is essential to compete in the marketplace. 

“Generative AI has ushered in a new era in which we all can accelerate our creativity by leveraging the power of machines to improve speed, experimentation, and collaboration. This will revolutionize the way we create, deliver, and interact with content,” said Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful. “At Contentful, our vision is unlocking the power of digital content for our customers, and we are already enabling this power through our latest composable content capabilities, infused with the power of AI, with more planned on our product roadmap to help digital teams reach their full potential.” 

Contentful has incorporated a variety of generative AI-driven capabilities into the Contentful product and ecosystem and is also introducing a number of other capabilities that support better ways for digital teams to work together to harness the business value of content. Highlights of the new and enhanced capabilities across the Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio, and Contentful Ecosystem include:

Contentful Platform

The Contentful Platform enables developers to break down content silos and orchestrate content from any source across the organization to create and deliver digital experiences faster, consistently, and at scale. External references and cross-space references unlock content from systems, like DAMs, PIMs, and commerce platforms, as well as content within Contentful, to help teams efficiently leverage all of their content for reuse in any digital experience across brands, regions, and use cases.

Enhanced enterprise governance and security, including an expanded EU data residency footprint, can help address an organization’s data protection and compliance needs. The AI Content Type Generator, announced previously, streamlines the content model creation process so developers can accelerate time to market. 

Contentful Studio

Contentful Studio empowers digital teams, including marketers, designers, and content creators, to visually assemble and manage digital experiences for any channel without developer assistance. The new Experience Builder capability will provide a visual canvas whereby teams can create consistent, on-brand experiences using design system components and a structured content foundation. This enables teams to combine creative innovation with solid governance to ensure consistency and scalability across every experience.

The new AI enhancements in Contentful Studio include the AI Image Generator to easily create and manipulate images, and the improved AI Content Generator to quickly create content, translations, and SEO keywords.

Contentful Ecosystem

The Contentful Ecosystem includes a large portfolio of solution and technology partners to help customers get to market faster with impactful digital experiences that meet customer expectations and drive business value. New partnerships and enhanced integrations from best-in-class enterprise solutions – including AWS, Salesforce, SAP, Twilio Segment, commercetools, BigCommerce, Cloudinary, and WPP – enable digital teams to improve accessibility, analytics, and performance, simplify front-end development, and streamline content operations to bring differentiated experiences to life quickly. 

Contentful AI advancements from ecosystem partners include the new AI Content Detector from Writer, enabling content editors to assess content that may be generated by AI so they can maintain content transparency and integrity. SurferSEO delivers AI-driven SEO capabilities to help digital teams drive website traffic more effectively. 

“Contentful allows us to collaborate on content across our business with the flexibility to address new and unique visitor needs as they arise," said Nik Fletcher, Head of Digital Experience, Rapha. "Contentful’s capabilities, in a product that the team loves to use, allow us to tell the story of our brand and products at global scale - and continue to inspire the world to live life by bike.”

“With the combined power of Contentful and Writer, marketers can leverage generative AI to scale content production while ensuring brand integrity – a point of concern for many businesses," said May Habib, CEO of Writer. "This builds on the existing joint Writer and Contentful AI capabilities that enable brand consistency and governance. All of these features help content teams move quickly, innovate, and deliver the best experiences to their customers."

Contentful will be on stage with customers, partners, and industry experts at the last two stops of its Storylines Tour in Silicon Valley and Berlin this month, where they will share more details about the product innovations and ecosystem advancements and talk about the important role of content in effective brand storytelling.

These new products and features, and more, will begin rolling out to customers, with most generally available now and others to follow in a limited early access program. For more details, visit

About Contentful

Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that unlocks all of an organization’s digital content to deliver impactful customer experiences, making content a strategic business asset. The Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio, and the Contentful Ecosystem combine the flexibility of composable content with the intelligence of AI, empowering digital teams to drive business momentum through collaboration, speed, and scale. Contentful powers innovative content experiences across brands, regions, and channels for organizations around the world, including nearly 30% of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

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