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Studio is a new unified editorial workspace inside Contentful that enables content teams to streamline content operations so they can get back to being creative.
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Don’t let your content to-do list keep you from the good stuff

When content teams aren’t bogged down with the “how,” they are free to focus on the “what.” Every moment reclaimed from repetitive tasks can be used to create better content – content that drives customer experiences, leads, conversions, and higher revenue. Put a different way, efficient operations and quality content maximize the return on content investment.

Let Studio lighten your content operations load

  • Work faster logo

    Work faster

    Use built-in workflows to quickly move content through approval cycles

  • Be more autonomous logo

    Be more autonomous

    Work independently without fear of breaking anything thanks to role-based guardrails

  • Improve rankings logo

    Improve rankings

    Optimize content to drive maximum leads and conversion

Create and assemble content for any channel

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Schedule and publish multiple pieces of content at once

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Work independently while staying connected

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Stay in the creative zone with Studio
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Launch new digital experiences faster, consistently, at scale

Orchestrate your content

Our industry-leading ecosystem is here to help

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