Are you making the most of Contentful?

We know you love Contentful and we’re here to help you take your content platform to the next level. Upgrade your space type to meet the growing demands of your business. Whether your growth means more team members, larger scale campaigns or entering new markets, Contentful is here to power those digital experiences and enable you to grow your content platform as your business grows.

Upgrade your Contentful space type and get:

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    More roles
    Having more roles means you control who has access to what. Should everyone in your organization have the keys to the car? In the same way, not everyone should be able to control your API keys. We understand that different projects require unique access levels. Roles help you protect your greatest asset — your company’s digital properties.
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    More locales
    Increasing the number of locales enables you to deliver digital experiences in more languages. Locales help you personalize as you grow by speaking the language of your customers and meeting them where they are at all over the globe.
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    More content types
    Adding more content types gives you more modular blocks to compose a richer user experience across your site or app. This helps keep both developers and designers happy with robust options that still keep your content reusable and composable.
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    More environments
    Additional environments enable you to ship continuously with dedicated sandbox environments to develop, test and QA faster. More environments helps you speed up your workflows and allows developers and editors to iterate in parallel.
  • Upgrade in app today:

    If you are on our legacy plan, please email to upgrade your account.

    1. Select “Organization settings”

    2. Choose “Create space”

    3. Then “Add payment details”

    4. And “Choose the space type”

    Contentful allows top brands to start small and scale their content platform when they’re ready:

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