The four principles of modern digital product development

Updated: October 26, 2020

Streamline product development, ship faster and edge out the competition


By allowing content creators and content developers to work in parallel with each other, organizations can reduce bottlenecks and speed up their time to market. This frees up time for content creators to release content at their own pace and enables content developers to build a presentation layer instead of endless CMS templates.

In this paper, we share the four key principles of digital product development that have helped Contentful customers make impressive gains in productivity and shipping speeds. See below for the highlights or here for the full report.

Kill redundancy

Content and development teams tend to accumulate redundant tasks and extra work as more products are created. These include copying and pasting content between CMSes, manually distributing content across channels and relying on developers to push content updates. Bring fragmented content into a single content hub and eliminate redundant tasks.

Great ideas can start anywhere

Great ideas come from many places: customer feedback, data analytics or even a comment during a sales meeting. Unfortunately, many great ideas molder in long development queues. The easier it is for your team to iterate and improve digital products, the more likely they are to pursue new ideas and make small changes that can result in big improvements.

Scalability is built in

Avoid the risk of failure to scale (or failure to scale before the competition) by choosing tools and platforms that build in scalability from the start. With the ideal platform, fast prototyping and scalability doesn’t have to be an either/or decision.

Invest in a modern web stack

In a world where customers want personalization and on-demand access, decreasing time to market is a huge competitive advantage. Companies that invest in a modern web stack made up of best-in-breed technologies position themselves as leaders in their industries.

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