Sveltekit Starter with Contentful

Build your first Sveltekit starter with Contentful, a composable content platform that extends the capabilities of the headless CMS even further. The combination of Sveltekit with Contentful lets you build static websites and SSR apps with Svelte.
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What is Sveltekit
Sveltekit is a full-stack web framework built on top of Svelte that lets you create static sites and server-side-rendered (SSR) apps. It's designed to be fast with a minimal footprint.
Clone our Sveltekit project

Our Sveltekit starter shows you how to create an example company page with nested routes, dynamic routes, and uses the Contentful GraphQL API to fetch content.

Run the following command in your terminal to clone our Contentful Sveltekit starter.

Install dependencies.

Create account and secrets

Create environment file

Import our content model

The project comes with a Contentful set up command that imports the required content model and adds sample content to your space.

Run the following command to import the content model.

Run the project locally

This will start the development server and open the app in a new browser tab.
The page will reload when you make changes.


Choose your technology path with our language and framework agnostic CMS

Bundle of technologies that can be used with Contentful.
More than a CMS: The composable content platform for your tech stack.
Start building with Contentful
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