Solution: Support portals and knowledge bases

Make information overload and outdated content a thing of the past

From simple FAQ pages to sophisticated online learning portals, Contentful helps businesses build, maintain and deliver knowledge base content that is easy to use and keep up to date.
TELUS Custome Story
Case study
TELUS redefined its customer care experience with lightning fast, digital support

Easily build and manage support portals

Businesses use Contentful to deliver content for FAQ pages, intranets, customer and partner support portals, sophisticated online learning tools and more. Empowering customers, partners and employees to get the information they need builds loyalty and reduces support costs.

Modular content infrastructure and strong governance features make it easier to maintain and reuse content across support portals, so you can keep content on brand and up to date.

Users can confidently get the information they need. You use fewer resources to maintain a better service.

Everybody wins.

Trusted by industry leaders such as:

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