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Content modeling: creating structure and navigation

Whitepaper - Content Modeling

What's inside

What's inside

The three structures this whitepaper covers are:

  • Topic relationships

  • Assembly relationships

  • Navigation content type

Understanding how to best model your content to fit a website is hugely important. There are numerous challenges that come with content modeling, but a common one is modeling website navigation that works well for both editors and developers.

Content modeling navigation isn’t easy — it can cause trouble for even the most proficient content modeling experts. But when it’s done right, it becomes a powerful tool that improves workflow and productivity.

This white paper explores three structures that serve as a starting point for a navigation content model. Each is suited to different types of sites, so it’s as simple as choosing one and then making it your own. You can also come up with a hybrid — it’s all about creating what best suits the project.

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