AI meets composability

Drive greater impact with AI and composable content

With generative AI and composable content, the possibilities are as limitless as your team’s creativity.

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Contentful brings intelligent digital experiences to life

As the leading intelligent composable content platform, Contentful enables developers and marketers alike to easily deliver compliant on-brand experiences at speed and scale—all within one unified content system. With Contentful, you can create infinitely and publish instantly.

We know firsthand delivering compelling content experiences is only possible if teams can stay nimble and collaborate in-the-moment. Our platform’s visually engaging interface is tailored to each contributor, making it intuitive to use so teams can efficiently create and launch content without ever losing momentum.

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Maximize value with AI

Optimized ideation

AI doesn’t replace human ingenuity; it enhances it. Intelligent features help accelerate the content building process and creative ideation.

Automated workflows

Instead of getting bogged down by tasks that took weeks, intelligent automation simplifies workflows so your team can focus on high-leverage work.

Governance made easy

What makes leading companies stand out is consistency. AI capabilities ensure your content is accurate and adheres to brand standards and governance.

Contentful Generative AI Professional Usage and Perception Survey

The age of generative AI is upon us, but how should companies prioritize the latest technology and prepare for what’s to come? Discover how businesses plan to incorporate AI into their business strategy and how it’s reshaping how teams work.

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Contentful Generative AI Professional Usage and Perception Survey

Leading brands are embracing AI


Professionals save 5-10 hours a week


Businesses have a GenAI vision


Professionals want more guidance

Build content models instantly

With the Contentful AI Content Type Generator, teams can rapidly design and build recommended content models by creating content type results. Simply input a description in the fields provided and configure to your heart’s content.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Content Type Generator features.

Create on-brand images

Make every asset you publish pop. The Contentful AI Image Generator gives content and marketing teams the power to generate eye-catching images from OpenAI to captivate every audience.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Image Generator features.

Generate localized content

Content can be time-consuming, the Contentful AI Content Generator helps get the creative juices flowing while cutting down on repetitive tasks. Quickly generate content that stays on brand and translate it into nearly 100 languages.

AI Content Type Generator
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The future of Vodafone is going to be all about using Contentful as a platform to enable us to use A.I. to share all that information with our customers.

Robert Greville

Head of Web Engineering