Moving Beyond the Headless CMS Architecture

Content infrastructure provides both the central hub for creating, editing and managing your content, and the tools to ship it to every digital platform. Learn how to get started for free in 5 easy steps.

Get started with content infrastructure in 5 easy steps

Unify your content to a single, structured repository and deliver to any digital product.

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    Sign up for your free trial.
    Create your account and access the full power of Contentful’s content infrastructure (no credit card required).
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    Create a space where you will keep all of your content.
    A space (short for workspace) is where to store every piece of content belonging to a single project.
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    Define the structure of your content model.
    The next step is to define what type of information best represents your content by adding fields.
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    Create content by adding entries.
    Now your content model is in place, and you can add content in entries based on your unique content model.
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    Deliver your content to any digital product.
    Fetch your content using Contentful’s Content Delivery API to deliver your content anywhere.
  • What's the difference between headless CMS and content infrastructure?

    Headless CMS Architecture makes content reusable
    Traditional CMS — content management systems — mash up content and formatting for a single purpose, making that content impossible to reuse in other digital products. Headless CMS fixes that problem, keeping content and presentation separate. Unlike headless and decoupled CMSes, where you might struggle to fit your content into predefined categories, content infrastructure lets you create a tailored model from the get-go.
    Content infrastructure goes beyond Cloud-first Headless CMS
    Content infrastructure has the benefits of headless, but also unifies all of your content in a single, structured repository. Now, you can develop digital products and edit their content simultaneously, and control everything from a unified hub. Your content model is purpose-built — it's defined by you, so it perfectly fits your needs. We're cloud-native, API-first, and loved by digital teams at some of the world's leading brands.

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    Free your content from legacy CMSes.

    Build digital products faster with content infrastructure.
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