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Note: We created a guide section and published a newer version of the , also reflecting lots of visual and process changes in our web editor.

Shortly after our launch we hosted our very first Contentful webinar “Getting Started with Contentful.” The webinar covered the current state of the content management environment and a demo to get you up and running with the platform.

To all those who couldn’t make it to the webinar or just want to watch it once again, we recorded it just for you! But it doesn’t end there. To make your life even easier, we divided it in three parts so you can watch what interests you the most.

###The current content management environment This is the more theoretical part of the webinar, where you’re guided through the current content management environment and how the Contentful platform solves these current issues.

###Using Contentful in three simple steps Who knew that such a powerful tool could be so simple to use? This part of the webinar is the actual demo of the application, where you get to see how to set Contentful up for any kind of project using these steps:

  • Content Modeling

    • Separate your content in small, bite-sized chunks instead of a big blob of content

  • Content Management

    • Insert, edit and manage your content and media assets

  • Content Delivery

    • Generate the API Keys to grant the development teams access to the content

###Questions? The last part of the Contentful webinar was a quick Q&A, where the most asked questions were answered.

Thanks to those who attended, the webinar was a success. We will definitely follow up with more advanced webinars in the future, so stay tuned!

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