Composing a modern digital platform

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December 7, 2021

Digital-first playbook: Part 3 — This third part of our "Digital-first playbook webinar series" dives deep into the "platform" chapter of a new and modern digital playbook.

This is the third and final session of our "Digital-first playbook webinar series," covering this era’s winning formula for people, playbook and platform.

In this session, we dive into the platform chapter of the playbook, uncovering why composability is a defining characteristic of modern digital experience platforms. 

Watch us host guests Atlassian and Forrester, to learn how leading companies assemble modular platforms to accelerate their businesses.

John Collins, senior content architect at Atlassian, discusses how the increasing number of content-related roles helps content flow through organizations while Joe Cicman, senior analyst at Forrester, provides insights and advice on assembling modular digital platforms that support diverse teams and the tech stacks they rely on.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about market trends impacting content and platforms and how to embrace them

  • See examples of emerging modern content roles including content strategy, content design, content operations and content engineering

  • Understand how to take a composable approach to assembling your digital platform

  • Get tips on how to empower diverse teams to build better experiences for customers, partners and each other

About the Digital-first playbook webinar series

While many companies have adopted a digital-first mindset, they’ve yet to embrace the modern playbook to go digital-fast. In this three-part webinar series, we share insight on how to successfully carry out digital transformation and go to market faster by embracing the builder ethos and adopting emerging digital leadership principles.

Here’s a look at the topics and speakers featured in each installment:

  • People — Constellation Research helped us kick off the series with a discussion on digital builders and the next generation of digital leaders. 

  • Playbook — Canadian food and pharmacy leader, Loblaw, joined our second installment and shared its enterprise-level playbook for scaling digital strategies. 

  • Platform – We round out the three P’s by diving into the last component of the new digital playbook — platform building and assembly.

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Paul Biggs
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Joe Cicman
Senior Analyst
John Collins
John Collins
Senior Content Architect and Content Engineer
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