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What's inside

What's inside

The movement towards digital products and digital experiences is making product managers and developers rethink how they build websites. Taking time to plan and develop a proper content model and finding the right platform to support it is essential for the consistency and scalability of your web projects.

Composable content platform, Contentful gives your team the speed and productivity boost they need to carry out your brand’s digital transformation and stay ahead of the market curve. This technology in tandem with carefully planned content models helps content revolve around team workflows, saving time and preventing headaches that often come from adapting workflows to the demands of traditional CMSes.

Read this white paper and learn how to: 

  • Set up and develop content models

  • Create your first static site with Contentful and GatsbyJS

  • Establish roles and workflows that increase editorial efficiency

  • Extend Contentful’s capability with the App Framework

  • Optimize operations with Contentful APIs

Download the white paper for the very best insights into Contentful’s API-first composable content platform and resources to start building today.

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