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January 25, 2016


One of our New Year's resolutions is to participate in more events and broaden our geographical coverage. Take a look at the places where you can find us this spring.

Barcelona, Spain: Mobile World Congress

The largest event on our agenda in February is the Mobile World Congress (22-26 February) in Barcelona, Spain. We’re confident the MWC doesn't need any introductions. If you’re attending as well or you’re close by, let’s meet up. Drop a few lines to our event coordinator and she’ll take care of all the details. You don’t have time for a meeting but still want to say hi? Then come stop by Hall 7, Stand 7 L51.

Melbourne, Australia: PauseFest

On February 10th, our partner event PauseFest will kick off. Lasting until February 12th, this three-days-long conference is the place to be if you are a creative working in tech. Check out their line-up if you don’t believe us. In case you’ve missed it this year, plan in advance for 2017. We hear Melbourne is amazing in February.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Mobos

Later during the month we’ll be in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where our iOS evangelist Boris Buegling will give a talk at Mobos (18-19 February). Make sure to follow him on Twitter and reach out to him if you’re in the area. Who knows, you might just join us for drinks.

Tokyo, Japan: try!Swift

Boris’ next stop will be Tokyo, at the beginning of March, when he’ll be speaking at try!Swift (2-4 March).

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: mdevcon

The last stop for this spring for Boris will be at the Mdevcon (17-18 March) in Amsterdam, where he’ll be talking about “Multiplatform Swift”. Yes, he’s going to be evangelising quite a bit this year.

You know where we’ll be, so schedule a meeting and come talk to us.

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