Contentful Academies and Meetups round-up (March 2017)

March 10, 2017


Our Contentful Academy and Contentful User Meetup game is stronger than ever! We are working hard to make sure our users are happy and they get the most out of our platform. This is why hosting events where we share the knowledge is very high in our priorities.

Contentful Academy

The purpose of our Academy is to teach Contentful users the best practices for using our Content Management Platform. Sometimes people see the potential in something, but they need to have their horizons broadened, and that's where we come into play. We teach professionals a few tips and tricks, and we leave them happy and ready to put their new knowledge to good use!

We keep the Contentful Academy restricted to a rather small number of attendees, because we like it to be interactive and personal. We love our customers and partners, so we want to make them feel even more special by having events just for them! This is where we've been (and where we will be) in the first few months of 2017:

  • Contentful Academy, Janaury 27th, New York

  • Contentful Academy, February 24th, Berlin

  • Contentful Academy, March 29th, San Francisco

Contentful User Meetups

Having private events doesn't preclude us from having public ones, of course! We're trying to increase our capacity and have more and more open meetups, all over the globe: we've recently held our first event south of the equator in the beautiful Sydney, where we've had a blast! On March 28th we'll be in San Francisco, and a few days later, on April 4th to be precise, we'll be hosting a meetup in New York.

These meetups for us are essential as we share Contentful knowledge with you, and we also learn about real-world usage of our platform, making us understand our users' needs more and more. It's a two way street, and it couldn't be any other way.

Finally, here's a few pictures from our recent events. It seems like people are having a good time, right? So register to one of our upcoming meetups, and follow us on Twitter to make sure you don't miss any announcement of future events: who knows, the next one might be near you!

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