Why a leading broadcaster drop-kicked multiple CMSes in favor of a unified content hub

One of the largest broadcasters in Europe recently partnered with Contentful to help them unify their content into a single, modern repository. This was no small undertaking. The audience they serve surpasses 80 million families — across 11 television stations, and 55 radio stations, not to mention hundreds of digital offerings. They went from shipping zero releases in the last year, (no that isn’t a typo) to shipping once a day, with a beta release every week. Through our partnership, despite the scale, they were able to build from the ground up and launch a robust, performant beta to their viewers in just weeks. Implementations of much smaller scope and scale are known to take 6 months or more using all in one suites, but that is the power of using content infrastructure to create a content hub.

Facing challenges head on

Time and again, we see firsthand with our customers how enterprises struggle with siloed content, fragmented across numerous teams and in various locations. But given today’s technology, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Exponentially faster and tremendously more cost-effective, content infrastructure empowers digital teams to work efficiently and in parallel: developers can start coding immediately without having to wait for creatives to provide the final images, copy or videos. By the time their framework is complete, the content is ready to be inserted into the model and propagated to all appropriate locations. This isn’t even in the realm of possibility for monolithic suites that take months to install and customize before a project can even be kicked off.

With content infrastructure, engineers are happier because they are empowered to solve interesting problems right away, not spend months battling ever-increasing piles of technical debt and hacking together workarounds for legacy suites, before they can even get started on the project at hand. Similarly, marketers and creatives can focus on what they do best, creating compelling and engaging stories for their audiences, without having to worry about image sizing or layouts for every channel and device.

Getting started is the secret to getting ahead

One of the biggest misconceptions that hold back digital leaders and their teams is that modernizing is an all or nothing commitment. They believe they have to wait for the right time or the right project to get going. That simply isn’t the case. Many of our most successful customers who now operate efficient in-house digital factories, chose to begin by piloting in parallel, pulling together content into one place, taking that first step towards modernizing their business.

Since content infrastructure plays well with other technology, including in-house tools and digital asset, product information, and content management systems, digital leaders aren’t forced to pull the carpet out from under anyone. Content can be migrated in phases and teams’ workflows can remain intact.

Building a modern, unified content hub is the smart entry point to uplevel your business and ultimately leapfrog the competition. What we’ve found is that a content hub organically brings people together in the most efficient ways, breaking down silos along the way. As their central watering hole, writers, translators, editors, developers, approvers and legal - business and technical users alike - all have a seat at the table. With workflows this intuitive, expertise in content operations naturally develops, compounding the wave of change in the broader organization.

Our mission

At Contentful, we believe that modernizing how content flows is the radical change needed to make your business ready for tomorrow. Trusted by the world’s leading brands for everything from billboards in Times Square to Black Friday and Superbowl campaigns, Contentful is ready to grow with you as you unify your content today, and prepare your teams for tomorrow.

Interested in learning more about how a content hub enables you to extend the shelf life of your existing systems while also taking the first, pain-free steps to embrace the potential of the modern stack? Check out this white paper.

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