The future of work: Contentful Berlin Hub in focus

The Contentful Berlin hub fosters creativity, connection and collaboration in a warm and welcoming setting that doesn't feel like a traditional office.
April 29, 2024


At Contentful, our values are the cornerstones of everything we do. In 2020, the company had outgrown its offices in Berlin, Germany, and sought a new home. We worked closely with our employees and architects at T3-Studio (toi toi toi creative studio) to fuse the traditional facility management approach of the conventional corporate environment with the flexible, dynamic nature of startups like Contentful. 

The result? A hub that fosters creativity, connection, and collaboration in a warm and welcoming setting that doesn't feel like a traditional office. We threw our doors open in 2021 and since then, Contentful’s Berlin office has been ​​nominated for the ARCH DAILY "Building of the year award 2024." 

(Meanwhile, our graphic design partner Startling Brands won the SEGD Global Design Award 2023 for Contentful’s Wayfinding in the building and our partner "Media Integreat" won the "AV AVard" for best collaboration and conferencing integration.)

Excellent design and visual appeal are only the starting points of our Berlin hub. We have spaces uniquely designed to accommodate everyone — from prayer pods and meditation areas to high-tech features such as an auditorium for around 300 people with a 16-meter-wide screen for keynote presentations, a kanban space with a 10-meter-wide touch screen where colleagues work collaboratively, and multi-functional event spaces. In essence, the Berlin hub is a rich tapestry of advanced technology and inclusivity. 

Meeting on the sofa

A workspace that’s flexible, innovative, and adaptive

We keep in mind the diverse needs of our workforce. Our fully equipped office and flexible work policy offer employees the luxury of choice — to work at our hub, where they can connect with colleagues in person or from the comfort of their homes, as and when they please. 

Maintaining a work-life balance isn’t an afterthought: employees can make use of a dedicated gym for a workout, or the parent’s room where children can play while parents are working. Also, the employees can simply rest their eyes in the nap-pod area; perfect for jet-lagged colleagues who are visiting from another time zone. 

Navigating the post-pandemic workspace has been challenging, but it's been a rewarding experience. The pandemic has compelled us to be more adaptable and resilient. Our challenge in the workplace team was maintaining a safe, motivational environment for those who could come in while ensuring remote employees felt included and supported. 

Our workspace also reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We strive to create a space where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued, regardless of background or identity. This includes providing accessibility accommodations and continuously educating ourselves on diversity and inclusion best practices.

Lockers and private cubicles

Where sustainability and environmental responsibility is a priority

In addition to creating an inspiring work environment, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in our workspace. We believe caring for our planet is just as important as caring for our employees.

We have implemented green initiatives such as an AI-supported smart building system, which has saved us around 30% energy since its introduction. Of course, we also only use energy-saving light sources and LED technology.  

We are reducing waste through clever recycling and composting programs. Additionally, the design reuses as much furniture and lighting as possible from the former office project, weaving it seamlessly into its new environment while also supporting local suppliers, craftspeople, and startups committed to sustainable practices.

Scenes from the kitchen

A space for interdepartmental interaction

One of our primary objectives is to create a culture that encourages interdepartmental interaction. We don't just offer a space to work; we provide resources for personal development and team bonding. 

We host regular lunches and events like “crafternoon” sessions where colleagues actually get to use their hands to create things, such as candles, stitching art, and paintings. We offer gardening workshops in our community garden. Of course, we focus on the health of our employees with our regular sports and yoga courses in our gym and a massage service provided by a therapist. 

Our weekly Friday evening after-work event called "Feierabend" is a great way to end the week and the perfect transition into the weekend. These activities give our colleagues the chance to meet and interact with people from other departments, fostering a sense of community and belonging within the company.

Whilst making our office a hub of creativity and camaraderie, we embody the values we hold dear at Contentful. This is a testament to the essence of Contentful — an inviting, inclusive space that promotes interconnectedness and creativity. One of our core principles, "Everyone is welcome here,” at any time, is manifested throughout our workspace.

The Foobar 2.0 in the Contentful Berlin hub

An incredible journey

Building a new workspace at Contentful has been an incredible journey. It's been a testament to the convergence of values, culture, and design, creating a space where everyone is welcome. The future of work is constantly changing, and our hub will continue to evolve with it. We are excited to see how the workplace will continue to shape and enhance our company culture at Contentful Berlin.

We are proud of the work environment we have created at Contentful Berlin and will continue to innovate and improve as we adapt to the ever-changing work landscape. Our goal is to not only provide a space for our employees to thrive but also to impact our community, society, and the environment positively. 

A successful workplace extends well beyond the walls of our Berlin office. Whether you’re joining us in London, typing away in New York, or brainstorming in Denver, together, we're building a workplace that is committed to constantly learning and evolving to create a truly inspiring and inclusive work environment for all.

We're hiring!

Bright people. Big impact. Join us.

CREDITS: Photos by Koy + Winkel Berlin

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