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April 9, 2020


Experience is key to success. Whether you’re assembling a bicycle, crafting a tree fort or building a digital experience, it helps to have someone who has done it before showing you the way.

Establishing the right architecture, content strategy and content model at the beginning of a digital project is key to its long-term success. By partnering with our solution services team, your team can apply best practices to build the right foundation for your content platform — accelerating time to value and reducing risk as you create engaging experiences.

CMS onboarding services help your enterprise begin your Contentful journey with confidence: confidence for developers as they build efficient, scalable digital architecture; confidence for marketers and editors as they launch new projects with ease; and confidence for the business that Contentful will help you meet your goals.

You choose what level of support and service is right for your team – we offer onboarding programs, workshops and extended in-person engagement with solution architects to fully explore your use case. Certifications and access to the Contentful Learning Center help your team build the right long-term skills for success. Our comprehensive self-service help center ensures editors continue to learn as they move your project into production.

We designed our new onboarding offerings based on three key pillars: a project plan with real-world requirements, a delivery model tailored to meet these requirements and a content model that scales and brings your content strategy to life.

Project planning begins with building an understanding of your project milestones and requirements. After that, we work with you to explore your delivery model, identifying potential implementation risks and helping you to find the right way to integrate Contentful into your larger enterprise architecture. 

Finally, we do a deep dive on your content model. By working with us to assess various approaches and design the right approach to your digital strategy, you can take full advantage of Contentful’s APIs and integrations while ensuring your editors and developers maintain a flexible, agile environment as your project evolves over time.

Solution architects help you design how Contentful fits into your existing or new digital estate, while solution delivery managers provide expertise in delivering projects and keeping everything on track. Optional customer solution managers help provide an additional, proactive layer of expertise, so you can continue to monitor your growth and success over time. 

We offer a range of options that are designed to support different types of enterprises, projects and timelines. These include joint development of project plans, onsite and remote workshops, comprehensive delivery model and content strategy design, business architecture and capability mapping and interactive content modelling workshops – all to support your digital initiatives.

Professional services can help you onboard team members quickly, using the best practices we developed while working with hundreds of customers implementing Contentful for the first time. 

We’ve been doing this for a long time. Implementing Contentful with expert guidance from our team means you get it right the first time. 

Onboarding services are available to Contentful customers on premium plans.

Set your business up for success — contact your account team to get started.

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