Contentful’s Community edition: Get the tools you need to build faster, for free

Contentful’s Community edition: Get the tools you need to build faster, for free
July 13, 2020
February 1, 2023


UPDATE (02/01/2023): We've made some changes so that customers get more value from day one and access more features at lower price points. "Community" edition is now "Free" and the "Teams" tier is now "Basic". Full details here.

We’re excited to announce Contentful’s new Community edition. Now developers can use more of Contentful for free, forever. Get GraphQL and all the content types and records you need to start building something great with our new Community edition.

Introducing the Community edition

At Contentful, we believe that every developer should have access to the tools they need to build engaging digital experiences. We understand that plan restrictions and budget limitations stifle experimentation and innovation. 

We’re excited to announce that developers can now use Contentful for free, forever. 

Our new Community edition offers a full set of features that avoids the restrictions that often exclude new or small businesses to the digital game. It includes access to our GraphQL API, along with enough users, records, content types, and sandbox environments to develop everything from a personal site to a hacking project to a tool for a non-profit organization. It’s a significant improvement to our previous free plan: twice as many content types, five times the records and GraphQL support. 

It’s a complete toolkit for any developer building modern digital experiences at any scale.

Contentful helps you build faster, without barriers 

The Community edition gives you free access to Contentful’s core features so that you can quickly build exactly what you want.

Contentful is more than just a headless CMS — it’s an API-first content management platform that can be used to create, manage and publish content on any digital channel. Our APIs give you full control and easy access to content stored in our content hub. You can manage data and change how content is served on the command line with our CLI. 

Don’t waste time trying to fit into something that doesn’t serve your project. With Contentful, your content doesn’t have to fit into our model — instead, you make the model fit your content. You get to define a completely unique content model, either via our web app or our Content Management API, that you tailor to your project. 

No need to take the time to learn a new programming language or framework. We’re language and framework agnostic. You can use your favorite language and tools for each project without compromises. 

Speed up any process by integrating tools and microservices to our platform with the App Framework. Extensibility and integrations don’t stop there. Open source UI components and a unique design system reduce the overhead of creating UIs by providing tools and guidance on extending the Contentful product.

Free GraphQL training and Contentful assistance included

We don’t want to just give you the right tools — we want to help you learn how to use them.  Our Developer Relations team has created a free GraphQL course using React and Contentful.  

Our documentation can help you get started and guide you along the way. For team members that use the web app, we have a comprehensive help center. The Contentful Slack Community or forum can help answer any additional questions you might have. These communities have thousands of active members excited to support each other. 

Scale your project with the Contentful Team tier

Take all the time you need to build with Contentful and explore what’s possible in the Community edition. Try out every option to learn what works and what doesn’t early on in the building process — you don’t want to end up with something unusable down the road. Early experimentation is key to an agile workflow, and there’s no time limit to your free account. 

When your project has grown to the point where you need to scale up, Contentful makes it simple to upgrade with a streamlined self-service plan. To upgrade your Community edition to our Team tier, all you need to do is enter a credit card number. Scaling with Contentful is as simple as that. The Team tier offers everything a small, agile team needs at a growing company. 

Companies can expand even further with the Contentful Premium tier. We now offer spaces specifically designed to support larger teams building complex digital experiences and delivering them to new types of devices across the globe. The Contentful APIs and web app can handle the most complex workflows between developers, editors and admins. Ready to see how our Premium plans can support your use case? Talk with us about a guided trial for enterprises.

We know that businesses of every size deliver an incredible amount of content across every digital channel throughout the entire customer life cycle. Meeting these intense requirements depends on digital builders and the tools they have available to them from the start.

Sign up for a Community edition and get your API keys to start building!

Start building

Use your favorite tech stack, language, and framework of your choice.

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