Editors, rejoice! Contentful is built for you

Contentful isn’t just for developers; editors also think we’re great. Contentful enables editors to update or even overhaul content in their digital projects. No need to ask a developer to fix a typo, publish a blog or change the copy on a button. You can do all that yourself in our customizable web app, along with localized translations. All your assets are kept in one place. Contentful gives editors the power to create, manage and improve content faster than ever before.

We’ve covered the editor experience in Contentful in a series of articles, all of which are gathered and summarized here

Marketing change log: What used to take weeks now takes minutes

Direct access to digital projects empowers editors to publish copy wherever and whenever needed. Because updating content is a quick and independent process, there's no need to worry about old messaging or typos staying online longer than they should.
Being able to work responsively encourages fearless experimentation and keeps content and mission aligned. Our own director of marketing communications improved a Contentful mockup by changing both text and images — all within a single day.

What’s in it for me? 6 of our favourite features for editors using Contentful

Six reasons why you’ll appreciate working in Contentful from the start. A rich text editor and simple permissions control make the app straightforward to use. You even have the power to preview pre-published content as it would be displayed across mobile apps, large monitors, digital signs or any other context you need. And all your content, regardless of type, is stored in one place.

Master Contentful: 8 tips for editors

Another eight (!) ways our web app simplifies your workflow. Learn about versioning, translating, content searching, saving content searches and how to customize columns in your content library. Help is always available in the web app’s chat feature and the Contentful support portal.

Editors, here's how translation works with Contentful (spoiler: it's a breeze)

All your translations can happen directly in the Contentful web app, regardless of type. Title, slug, body, image titles and categories all function the same way. Once your developers set up the translation function through localization, you’ll be able to grant your translators governed access to the correct fields and language options. You can even integrate extensions like Smartling so that translators don’t need to get into the Contentful web app.

Preview: Getting editors and developers on the same page

It’s not only our dynamic web app that supports the work of editors. Contentful transforms the way editors and developers work together, as Esa McGavin explained in a recent interview. Enabling editors to directly access digital projects minimizes frustration by reducing redundancies and unproductive workflows. Say goodbye to the frustration of back-and-forth procedures, and hello to happy collaboration.

Best practices for optimizing your digital editorial workflow

Creating a successful editorial workflow on digital projects requires you to know your audience and your content in specific ways. When, where and how does your audience access your content? Can you think of your content in terms of individual, reusable pieces that allow you to reorganize and redistribute it to multiple platforms and contexts? The answers to these questions enable editors to develop effective strategies to coordinate messaging and maintain brand consistency.

We continue to release features for editors and writers. In April alone, we added a seamless review and approval process, quick navigation, the rich text editor, single local views and the ultimate governance feature. Follow us on Twitter and here on the blog to hear about additional features coming every month!

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