Fast Forward 2022: Unlocking a preview of our biggest event

Fast Forward Live 2022 is coming on October 26. Sign up for Contentful's biggest event ever, where we share our vision of the future for digital content.
October 6, 2022


Autumn is largely considered the best season at Contentful — and not just because we can finally wear turtlenecks, sip pumpkin-flavored everything, or take in the changing leaves (although, admittedly, we love it all).

For us, autumn means it's time for Fast Forward, Contentful’s big annual event where we share the latest and greatest in content management strategies and products, with help from our customers and the Contentful community. 

Fast Forward Live 2022 takes place on October 26. We don’t want to give too much away (so we’ll be staying tight-lipped on the specifics) but here’s a rundown of what to expect. Oh, and don’t forget to save your spot for the event.

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The big idea: Unlocking the power of your digital content

It’s 2022, with new products and a clear vision, we are on a mission to help digital teams do more with the content they already create and the tools they already use. The key to unlocking content is removing bottlenecks, eliminating laborious, manual workarounds, and making each piece of content infinitely scalable. 

These are the tasks that have developers and marketers jumping through hoops to satisfy bureaucratic processes or doing unnecessary manual work, like redundantly copying and pasting text across various channels, or worse, carrying content from a Word document to your CMS.

Tasks like these eat away at team camaraderie and harmonious collaboration: When it’s too challenging to articulate roles and responsibilities among teams involved in building and delivering content, people tend to burrow deeper into their own siloed processes. 

Your team knows these inefficiencies create significant content challenges — they’ve told us. In a survey we ran featuring 500 developers and marketers, 61% of respondents shared that they spend more than half of their workday on administrative tasks, leaving less time for creating and innovating. More than a third (38%) said the software and tools they have to work with limit their full potential and get in the way of collaboration.

Digital teams want the freedom to build their best ideas, which means removing the barriers of legacy technology. Your teams want, nay, need next-generation tools that drive connectivity across their tech stack and various sources of content, while streamlining workflows to free up time to build more of what they love.

Over 10 years ago, Contentful pioneered the headless CMS category. Now we’re pioneering something that’ll change the future of digital content and how teams collaborate to build out content — and we’re unveiling it all at Fast Forward Live.

Now that we have your attention, let’s get to the event details.

A value-packed 45-minute virtual live stream

The format: A value-packed 45-minute virtual live stream 

If you attended Fast Forward 2020 or Fast Forward 2021, you’ll notice that the biggest difference this year is the duration of the virtual event.

We’ve trimmed it down significantly so that you’re getting the best of what we have to share without sacrificing your entire day to hear it. We changed this with you and your meeting-heavy calendar in mind. 

Keeping this year’s event under an hour allows you to get back to building and delivering captivating digital experiences, whether that be through coding, writing, or strategizing. We'll still share plenty of interesting ideas, it’ll just be more intentional. 

While Fast Forward Live 2022 is a one-time virtual event, it’s also a catalyst for something larger: a thread of engaging, in-person customer and partner events (we’ll share more about this soon!). 

Execs and industry leaders

The speaker line up: Execs and industry leaders

Fast Forward Live will be your chance to hear directly from Contentful’s executive leadership team. They’ll be the ones guiding you into the future of digital content. 

Contentful Chief Executive Officer Steve Sloan will kick off the event with the opening keynote. Amy Kilpatrick, Contentful Chief Marketing Officer, and Mairead O'Donovan, Contentful Chief Product Officer, will then take the stage to share our company and product visions — which will be the foundation for what everyone is waiting for: new product reveals.

For product updates, we’re pulling back the curtain on everything we’ve been working on this past year. We’re talking exciting updates destined to change the way you work, people! And, because the best way to showcase the power of Contentful is to share how it's being used IRL, we’ll be highlighting and hearing best practices from some of our partners and customers.

Curious which companies will join us on stage? Good. Get the key to unlocking the power of your digital content (and access the full speaker lineup). Register today!

Fast Forward Live 2022

Join us on October 26, where Contentful shares its vision of the future for digital content.

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