The need for speed: Get digital products to market faster

The rise of cloud computing has accelerated the emergence of new technologies for powering exciting new digital experiences. Cloud data storage makes accessing and manipulating data fast and fluid, enabling even complex software systems to now run in the cloud. Cloud-based APIs connect mobile apps to legacy systems, letting customers and employees conduct business via their phones and tablets. Today, users can access content anytime, anywhere, on any device. New opportunities for digital engagement are continuously emerging, from wearables to connected home devices and interactive kiosks. The cloud has completely revolutionized how we interact with digital products and the businesses that create them.

The digital factory

As a result, companies are racing to innovate new digital products that engage and delight their customers. At the same time, digital-first startups are using new technologies to disrupt industry giants and shape the future. By necessity, every company is now based around digital products, regardless of their core business. To stay competitive, companies must deliver a pipeline of innovative apps that differentiate their business and create ongoing, sophisticated digital engagement with their customers.

How do companies deliver that pipeline quickly and efficiently? Today’s innovators are creating “digital factories” that effectively combine people, processes, and technologies and are run by cross-functional teams of engineers, content creators, marketers, customer support, and anyone else who plays a part in the customer lifecycle. To maximize team agility and productivity, organizations are moving away from monolithic systems like legacy CMSs, which were not designed to support workflows or modern, omni-channel apps. Instead, organizations are re-architecting their technology stacks to plug into a range of best-in-class cloud services that enable complex functionality.

Content infrastructure: At the heart of it all

One of these core cloud services, content infrastructure, lies at the heart of the modern tech stack and digital team. Content infrastructure gives the digital factory a powerful, flexible content layer that allows developers to build any type of app for any device—quickly and efficiently. Digital teams can transform their content operations and deliver an ever-growing portfolio of new digital experiences with confidence.

Are you ready to break ground on an agile digital factory of your own? Check out our new white paper, The Need for Speed: Get Digital Products to Market Faster, and learn how to streamline your content operations, including:

  • How to ship a pipeline of digital products to market quickly, and iterate faster

  • Why traditional CMSs are a bottleneck for cross-functional digital teams

  • Content infrastructure’s role in the modern software stack

  • Contentful features that empower your developers and content editors

  • How Contentful helps you scale and future-proof your content operations

If you have questions about Contentful, content infrastructure, or the modern approach to software development, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through your content operations requirements and help you transform how you do business.

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