#StopTheSpread: Free JAMstack-based static website template to inform your community during the Covid-19 pandemic

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March 20, 2020


Organizations need easy and effective tools to communicate with their communities — now more than ever. Schools, food banks, medical facilities and other nonprofit organizations have vital information and resources to share. But these organizations are already strapped for resources and don’t have time to build scalable websites.

That’s why we’re providing a simple, free JAMstack-based static website template and hosting in conjunction with our partners, Netlify and Gatsby: Stop-the-spread.dev

When the Covid-19 public health crisis escalated last week, we asked ourselves: How can we guarantee the health of our employees and the availability of Contentful services to our customers? But we also wondered how we could help the community at large in this public health crisis.

Just like everyone else, we’ve been watching and refreshing news and public health websites regularly. We realized how slow and overloaded some of these services have become.

Contentful already powers content for many large enterprises that distribute content at scale to their end customers. We realized this is also a great foundation for helping organizations with content distribution in this pandemic.

Together with our partners Netlify and Gatsby, we knew that we could provide a customizable JAMstack website template for organizations around the world. It’s a website that's easy and fast to set up, but scalable by default due to several layers of caching in content delivery networks.

You can get started with this website template at Stop-the-spread.dev. There you’ll also find instructions for implementation, a demo website and FAQs.

It’s a helpful shortcut to speedup the development process. Although you need a developer to initially build the website, anyone can update its content using the Contentful editing interface. Adding and changing content is easy, and we have a help center ready for you. If your organization doesn’t have a developer for the first step, you can request help from our volunteer network of developers and agencies.

If you have developing experience and want to help, that’s great! We need help solving open issues in GitHub. We’re also connecting organizations and developers: Please add your name to our volunteer network or search through organizations requesting help.

We’ll connect you with requests as they come in. Please share this tool with anyone you know — we want to help as many people as possible. Agencies, teams and individuals are all welcome to use and contribute.

Moments like these reveal the power of collaboration to overcome challenges and reimagine our collective future. I recognize the gravity of the current situation and believe that we’re all responsible to do what we can to help in this pandemic.

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