Case study: A-lehdet

A-lehdet increases new readers by 15.5% by teaming up with Frosmo and Contentful

A-lehdet shows media companies the way to customers’ hearts with a technical solution flexible enough to meet the ever changing demands and desires of its audience. Together with Frosmo, A-lehdet seeks to meet customers’ evolving expectations of how websites behave, how they should serve their needs, and how to interact with them. To complement a modern stack that features content infrastructure from Contentful, Frosmo provides A-lehdet with personalization capabilities to match and delight its diverse audiences.

A-lehdet needed to create fan bases that would want to spend time on their sites. Most A-lehdet’s sites are based around communities of interest, interior design, travel, health, etc. These kinds of sites do not have the luxury of posting daily news to attract people, which makes building a fanbase much more challenging.

The diverse customer base brought forth another challenge: How do you serve content to different kinds of customers in the best possible way? Meaning, how to serve relevant content to those who want to belong to a community as a fan as well as those that are merely looking for quick information.

A-lehdet had more than a dozen websites with various technical solutions, and they weren’t generating enough traffic to drive ad revenue.

They needed to consolidate communities, create and deliver relevant content to diverse audiences, and unify their tech stack.


The first priority was to modernize the content infrastructure and Contentful was chosen to manage and store content in one hub. They wanted Contentful’s content infrastructure solution to help deliver and scale seamless digital experiences, as customers expect a consistent experience and high-quality content across all digital channels. Another goal was to separate the content from the code, giving the team the freedom to make changes around the content.

CONTENTFUL HUB SOLUTION Before Contentful, A-lehdet struggled with siloed content, fragmented across numerous teams and in various repositories. Contentful’s content hub aggregated content in a centralized hub for digital teams so that they could create, assemble and manage that content across all digital channels. A-lehdet was enabled to create a consistent experience across brands to provide high-quality content to readers in a more seamless manner.

A-lehdet uses Contentful to aggregate all of their content in one place and easily update, audit or share it on any platform. A centralized content hub helps teams easily revise and distribute content on the fly. Updates can go live in a matter of seconds, on every channel. This powerful, centralized management capability enables teams to scale rapidly with existing resources, maintain greater brand consistency and deliver relevant content to their customers. Better content organization and seamless publication breaks the content bottleneck once, thus allowing A-lehdet to deliver content that keeps bringing readers back, resulting in a higher ROI.

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