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How GoodRx launched an urgent coronavirus hub in less than 2 weeks

When Covid-19 hit, GoodRx responded quickly. In March 2020, the company created a new hub on its site devoted to data and information about the epidemic and its impact. “It took less than two weeks to stand up,” says Thomas Goetz, Chief of Research at GoodRx. "The hub provides essential information for people trying to make sense of the coronavirus pandemic. Within a few weeks, we were ranking number one for some target Covid-19 queries. We were getting millions of sessions – it was very successful."

Without Contentful – which allowed us to manage our content in a really flexible and reusable way – we would not have been able to hit our timeline to publish our Covid-19 hub. — Jack Lenehan, engineering lead

Contentful allowed us to create a whole new channel to communicate with customers in a relatively short amount of time…and anything we can do to cut down our time to market is obviously a competitive advantage. – Erin Neff, director of product

GoodRx already had a history of creating authoritative medical information hubs for different medical conditions when the novel coronavirus became a major public health issue. What was different in March, however, was that the company could create and publish new content much faster, because GoodRx had implemented Contentful a year earlier.

Attracting high traffic volume is critically important to GoodRx’s business. The company depends on visitors to discover and use digital products such as discount coupons for prescription drugs and online medical consultations. Rapid execution of the coronavirus hub “allowed us to create a whole new channel to communicate with customers in a relatively short amount of time,” says Erin Neff, director of product. “Anything we can do to cut down our time to market is obviously a competitive advantage.”

The new Covid-19 hub is just one of the new products the team launched quickly thanks to Contentful. GoodRx also built an initial version of their telehealth marketplace within weeks. This listing of telehealth services includes GoodRx’s own new telehealth business, HeyDoctor. In the era of Covid-19, with people afraid to go to clinics and hospitals unless absolutely necessary, telehealth is booming and visits to HeyDoctor have soared.

Contentful speeds time to market and enables experimentation

GoodRx develops content hubs for various health conditions — for example, diabetes, acnes and allergies, as well as assisting in dealing with insurance. Being able to build these hubs quickly, as the team was able to do for coronavirus, means that GoodRx can reach new visitors seeking information they need, when they need it.

Health experts both inside and outside the company, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, write much of the content. Contentful enables custom roles and permissions that make it easy for these contributors to edit and update content as needed, without fear of breaking anything.

GoodRx’s marketing team is now able to create landing pages that are segmented and personalized for different parts of their target audiences. The team is also able to experiment more readily. “Contentful allows us to iterate on top-of-the-funnel content extensively and test what is effective and what isn't, and also to add personalization for different targetable segments,” says Erin.

We're all trying to improve our time to market. And this is a tool that really allows us to do that. – Erin Neff, director of product

A modern stack that enables marketers and drives site traffic

As it implemented Contentful, GoodRx decided to build a completely new tech stack to enable rapid content creation with lots of flexibility. The team decided to integrate its new design system with the reusable content modules that are at the heart of Contentful’s content platform.

The combination of flexibility, consistency, reliability and testability would be difficult to build without Contentful, according to Jack Lenehan, engineering lead at GoodRx. “It's easy to design a system that’s well-tested and has a consistent look and feel by sacrificing flexibility. It's also easy to design a system that’s flexible by sacrificing consistency and stability,” Jack says. “Accomplishing both objectives without those downsides was a challenging problem to solve, but I feel like we were able to do a good job with it.”

With coding and design built into every reusable content module, content creators don’t need to tap developers or designers — they just choose the modules they need to build each page. Updates are fast and easy, and a change to any given module on a page immediately propagates to that module wherever it appears.

Contentful has been helpful for GoodRx’s site traffic and search rankings. Organic traffic has increased, and the site ranks high for the company’s target keywords. An important next step will be migrating the blog to the new platform.

Our blog is one of our biggest organic traffic drivers. So converting that from a WordPress blog to a Contentful blog is the direction we're moving to next. – Erin Neff, director of product

Contentful has been fun, interesting and easy to work with. It’s a cool paradigm and a cool stack. – Thomas Goetz, chief of research

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