Content infrastructure enables digital teams to ship and iterate products faster.

Learn how it can accelerate your business by empowering your software developers and content creators.

What is content infrastructure?

Content infrastructure is disrupting the legacy CMS market by offering a new way to power content in any digital product – website, app, or device. It's purpose-built to integrate with the modern software stack and software delivery pipelines.

Choose content infrastructure for your next digital initiative if your business:

  1. Has a cross-functional digital team that relies on an ecosystem of APIs
  2. Wants to enable dev teams to use preferred languages and frameworks
  3. Needs a central hub to publish content across many sites, apps, and screens
  4. Needs content to be integrated with existing dev and editorial workflows
  5. Wants to mitigate risks and reduce costs by starting small
  6. Wants to reduce technical debt and improve security

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How content infrastructure is accelerating digital products

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Future proof your content

Use your tools of choice

Use your tools of choice

Contentful's context agnostic platform enables your developers to use their favorite languages, from Javascript to Java, and tools to build digital products for the modern, multi-channel world. And we'll take care of the infrastructure, so your developers don't have to.

Make your content agile

Make your content agile

Content Infrastructure provides you with a single system of record for your content, powering all of your digital products and making your content reusable across multiple websites, apps and devices. And, it integrates with your existing software delivery pipeline so your team can ship and iterate as fast as they want.

Start small, and scale with confidence

Start small, and scale with confidence

Start small to prove the value, then confidently scale on infrastructure that is enterprise-tested when you need it. Contentful is hosted on a cloud-native platform distributed on multiple CDNs around the globe for maximum performance, with availability backed by SLA guarantees.

Add a layer of security

Add a layer of security

With a centralized and hosted cloud-based solution, you get an extra layer of protection. SSO manages access to your critical system. Roles and permissions give granular access to users, to build compliance workflows and editorial reviews. And, using Contentful in conjunction with a static site generator increases performance and reduces database attack vectors.

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The business benefits are huge. We don't have to spend so many resources now just getting content out. It allows us to use our development resources much more wisely now.