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About the app

The Netlify App gives content editors control over static site builds and makes the process more transparent.

This app provides the following functionality:

  • triggers Netlify builds with a simple click in the sidebar
  • displays build status so editors don't preview outdated sites
  • brings Netlify functionality into the Contentful web app
  • makes it possible to configure on a per-content-type level

To use this app, you need:

  • a static site based on a service such as Gatsby, Middleman or Hugo
  • your site configured to load content from Contentful and its code pushed to a remote repository, such as GitHub or Gitlab
  • a Netlify setup where the site is connected to the remote repository and enabled for continuous deployment


Netlify config

Netlify sidebar

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This App can only be installed by space admins. It will be installed in the most recently used space.