DXperts in Action: How Jagex summoned a world class digital experience for millions of players

Recorded on
19 January 2022

Since 1999, the DXperts at Jagex have been architects of fantastic realms, creators of quests, writers of history and makers of legends becoming leaders in deep community-driven live games such as the iconic RuneScape franchise and the much anticipated Space Punks.

With almost 300 million player accounts created and 443 billion minutes of gameplay to date, Jagex’s inventory needed tools that were reliable at a huge scale. Not only do their online experiences act as marketing channels, they are key to why Jagex’s games are so loved - players and developers can collaborate in the community and new content is released weekly. 

Watch this on deman talk with Adam Barnwell, Engineering Manager, and Alasdair Macrae, Senior Web Engineer, to hear firsthand how Jagex has been delivering live game magic to millions of players globally for over two decades.

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Jamie Bolland
Jamie Bolland
Product Marketing Manager
adam-barnwell (1)
Adam Barnwell
Engineering Manager
alasdair-macrae (1)
Alasdair Macrae
Senior Web Engineer

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