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Workshop with Manjula Dube: React and Redux together

A full day workshop teach the core concepts of react.
13 October 2018
22:00 CEST
Community Event
Contentful FooBar
Berlin, Germany

A full day workshop teach the core concepts of react.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for developers who have an understanding of javascript, looking to get started with React or want to kick off React.


Bring your laptop with node (>=6) and npm (>=4) installed and an open mind to learn and ask questions :)

Maximum capacity : 20 - 25

Duration: 7 Hours

This will be 6 to 7 hrs of workshop including breaks 2 hrs each part.

What will you learn in 1 day

Part 1

We’ll learn the good parts that make it easier to write maintainable and clean code with React. Also at the same time understanding the core concepts of React

  • ES6

  • Fundamental concepts of React

  • Virtual DOM

  • Thinking in React

Part 2

Learning the methods of React is important, but useless without learning how to “think in React”. We will learn in detail about state & props in React.

  • Stateless components + JSX

  • Props

  • Stateful components

  • Lifecycle methods

Part 3

Let’s take things to the next level and explore how to build real world applications that handles state and deal with data in React.You will learn what is props and state in React. You will also learn how to use routing, snapshot testing in React.

  • Routing

  • Context API in react

  • Data fetching in React

  • Snapshot testing in React

About instructor: Manjula has been obsessed with coding ever since graduated out of college. She is international tech speaker spoken at more than 10 conferences so far. She loves to work with JavaScript and front end technologies like React, GraphQL. She is organizer of Mumbai Women Coders and soon joining GDG Berlin. She loves teaching & coding.

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