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JAMstack_Berlin #12

JAMStack has become increasingly popular and usage will explode during the upcoming years.
The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that deliver better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and better developer experience. No rendering means greatly reduced attack surface area for malware, ultra-fast hosting on CDN, no debugging PHP or optimising render times, and a super cheap way to scale your hosting.
The group is open to anyone interested. Whether you're new to the subject or you are an expert and want to share your knowledge.
24 February 2020
19:00 CET
Duration: 2 hours
Community Event

Code of Conduct: If you would like to speak at the event please submit a PR to this repository Talks --------------------------------------------------------------------- Building your own Meetup website with Gatsby By Sara Vieira all the QueerJS website was made with Gatsby, now with the Meetup scandal this sounds important I'll go over how it's built and how you can make an event website using just static files and also how it helps to make your event inclusive ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building a design systems showroom with Gatsby by Johannes Bugiel

This event has ended
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