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Talking Talent by ACELR8

Talking Talent is a series of events hosted by ACELR8 covering innovative talent topics that influence the future of work.
11 February 2020
18:30 CET
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Community Event

As the startup and innovation culture deepens on the African continent, the number of tech hubs grew about 50% in the last year.


In this edition of Talking Talent, we are discussing the acceleration of startup talent in Africa. As the startup and innovation culture deepens on the African continent, the number of tech hubs grew about 50% in the last year (source: These hubs play crucial roles for the community, business incubation and ideation, but mainly we see a rise of great engineering talent. This brings big players to the continent, but also creates a solid ground for startups to set their mark.

We are going to discuss what challenges and solutions the acceleration of talent bring. How do we deal with current and changing perceptions about talent in Africa? How does the developed world facilitate the rise of even more tech skills in Africa? How does the continent deal with brain drain, while other tech hubs around the world see this as an opportunity?

We invited on stage three speakers that give their viewpoint on the importance of talent in the African ecosystem and the rise and skilled immigration it brings:

Chika ( — he is an investor and an entrepreneur. He stated that Africa currently receives less than 0.5% of global VC investments and he made a shift from investing in startups to investing in talent. His mission? To propel Nigeria to become a top-tier software engineering country with 0.3% of its population working as software engineers like in India, Ukraine, and Poland.

Makinwa ( — she is a Software Engineer at Contentful and formerly worked as Engineering Manager at Andela in Nigeria. Andele is one of the pioneering companies in remote work, as Andela created a developer training program and outsourcing company in one, that empowered thousands of engineers to upscale and work on great projects worldwide. Makinwa will be sharing her experiences on the move.

Kave ( — she is an expert on the impact of Tech & Innovation on Africa. She combines her knowledge in her role as a talent expert at Pitch and being an entrepreneur that focuses on leadership, people development, as well as diversity and inclusion.


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