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[Digital] JAMstack_Berlin #15

The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that deliver better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and better developer experience.
28 September 2020
18:30 CEST
Duration: 2 hours
Community Event

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♦ For this time around we are doing a GIVEAWAY raffle!!!

We are giving away 1 AMAZON GIFT CARD of 50 euros for 🥇 one lucky winner to spend it on whatever their heart desires. 🎁 🎁 🎁 

»»» Entry Guidelines «««

►  1 - RSVP  ✅

►  2 - Join this remote Meetup 🎧 

►  3 - Stay until the end for the GIVEAWAY raffle ⌛️ 

If you are interested to give a talk please fill out this form:



#1 - Aman Sharma - Jamstacking with AMP

Twitter: @amanintech

Get a quick tour of what is AMP and how it makes your site faster and search optimized. With an included bonus of how to use AMP with JAMStack.

#2 - Daniel Madalitso Phiri - Building Modular Jamstack Applications

Twitter: @malgamves

"Hey we need to make some changes to accommodate the new content!"

No developer likes to hear this. As far fetched of an idea it may seem, you can write your frontend code and have all sorts of new content added to your CMS without having to re-write the frontend over and over.

I will take attendees through building a modular Nuxt Web application, that queries a Headless CMS and takes away the need to constantly change your frontend code to accommodate new content."

#3 - Samuel Snopko - Fast & Furious - Going headless with Nuxt.js!

Twitter: @SamuelSnopko

This will be fast & furious! I will show you the fastest possible way to connect your Nuxt.js (Vue.js) project to the headless CMS and deploy it in seconds. You should know a thing or two about Nuxt.js, headless CMS in general or JAMstack as there will be no time to describe the concepts in detail. In the end, you will be furious how insanely good the JAMstack is!

Code of Conduct :

The group is open to anyone interested. Whether you're new to the subject or you are an expert and want to share your knowledge.


6:30 - Welcome & Intros

6:40 - Talk #1

7:10- Q&A

7:20 - Talk #2

7:50 - Q&A

8:00 - Talk #3

8:30 - Q&A

8:40 - Raffle & Announcing the GIVEAWAY Winner

8:50 - Virtual Hangout with Breakout Rooms (Optional)

Bring your own drink 🍻 and let's hangout!

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