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[Digital] RUG::B Meetup September 2020

The Ruby Usergroup Berlin is a usergroup, group of interest or just a bunch of people loving Ruby. Get in contact with us at our next meetup! Newbees are always welcome.
3 September 2020
19:00 CEST
Duration: 2 hours
Community Event


Talk #1 : Matt Swanson  - StimulusJS: A modest JS framework for the HTML you already have

Matt Swanson has been writing about using Stimulus and Rails—integral parts of the stack used to build HEY—at Join us to see him talk more about building without the extra complexity of a large front-end framework.

Talk #2 : Thomas Depierre - How we kill people: What if we brought Safety into Software

Our software have moved from "fun project to build" to "business critical", if not "safety critical". As software is eating the world, this is becoming a real issue affecting people across our society. Thankfully, our systems looks a lot like other safety critical systems out there. I will present some visible incidents to show the criticallity of software, extract from it what makes software like other safety critical systems and present some of the path that already exist to deal with safety critical systems that we could apply.

#3 Virtual Hangout

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