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[Digital] Node.JS Berlin Meetup #39

Welcome to the Node.js Meetup Berlin! We are focused on bringing you exciting tech talks in all things node. Expect meetups roughly every 1 month, except for summer and winter breaks.
September 6, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CEST

Main Talk #1: Running distributed code with Lambda@Edge

Leonardo Freitas dos Santos: A talk and live-demo on how to run distributed code closer to the user using CloudFront Lambda@Edge. We will first walk through the concepts around edge computing and then finish with a live demonstration of it, by adding authentication, validation, and response formatting to an S3 CloudFront distribution.

Main Talk #2: Learning to fail

Ivett Ördög: A story of how we learned to build resilient microservices even if they depend on other microservices with a weaker SLA. First I talk about the bad practices to set the stage for the motivation behind the good practices, and then, I introduce a number of useful patterns.

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7:00 - Welcome & Intro

7:10- Talk #1

7:45 - Q&A

7:50 - Talk #2

8:35 - Q&A

8:40 - Virtual Hangout with Breakout Rooms (Optional)

Bring your own drink 🍻 and let's hangout!

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