Partnership Event

DXperts in Action: How LichtBlick & Jung von Matt TECH built a high-performance cloud platform

Recorded on
3 November 2020
46 minutes

Digital experts in any company, brand or team can advocate for solving digital challenges by building solutions that change the way things are done.

DXperts in Action is a peer-to-peer virtual event series built for (and by) a community of digital experts. The series shares real stories from forward-thinking brands and partners on how they solved their technical challenges together to deliver agile and scalable digital experiences using Contentful.

To kick off this series, we hosted our first event with LichtBlick and Jung von Matt TECH.

Philip von Pless and Aye Cofalka shared their swift journey away from monolithic infrastructure and rigid processes towards a high-performance cloud platform and some of the fantastic results they were able to achieve with the support of Contentful:

  • 100% YoY uplift on contracts in the month of September

  • Conversion rates saw an uplift of 33%

  • Mobile growth conversion rates of 122% leading to 52% more sales/day on all devices

  • Page speed up by 30% and

  • Time on site increased by 24%

Watch the talk and and join us for our next event in the series to get inspired by other digital experts!

Recommended for

Digital business leads, contributors and team members. Engineering, Architecture & IT project owners. Product marketers and technical marketing folks.

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Philip - Product Owner Websites at LichtBlick
Philip von Pless
Product Owner Websites
LichtBlick SE
Aya Cofalka - Technical Director for JvM / TECH
Aye Cofalka
Technical Director
Jung von Matt TECH

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