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[Digital] RUG::B Meetup November 2020

The Ruby Usergroup Berlin is a usergroup, group of interest or just a bunch of people loving Ruby. Get in contact with us at our next meetup! Newbees are always welcome.
5 November 2020
19:00 CET
Duration: 2 hours
Community Event

Main talk #1 - Vitaly Pushkar

Software engineer and technical leader ⚒️🏃‍♂️Lifelong learner 📚 Passionate about building strong teams and keeping the context clear.

Error handling with Monads in Ruby - Ever wondered how exceptions became the default error handling technique in many programming languages, and if there are better - alternatives? Wonder no more! Join this talk to learn about the pros and cons of error handling with Monads in Ruby, code examples included.

Main talk #2 - Luca Ongaro

Letting the browser do the hard work. Implementing MiniSearch, full-text search in the browser.

A couple of years back, I open-sourced MiniSearch, a full-text search solution running entirely client-side. It solved a tricky use-case for my company, made other people happy too, and also helped my motivation when I most needed it. I'd like to share the story, and get a chance to present the library too.


7:00 - Welcome & Intro

7:10- Talk #1

7:45 - Q&A

7:50 - Talk #2

8:35 - Q&A

8:40 - Virtual Hangout 🍻 with Breakout Rooms (Optional)

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