Community Event

NA: Contentful Community Monthly Hangout #2

We’re excited to share with you a new monthly event format we’re working on to get our Contentful Community together again. We can come together, have fun and talk about software development and Contentful-related topics.
December 16, 2020
6:00 PM EST
Duration: 2 hours
Community Event

The event will take place on YouTube and in our Slack community. To engage with the community make sure to sign up in Slack. You can ask questions, chat with other community members and even join the program if you want to!

Here's the plan!

"The ch-ch-changelog" with the DevRel team 

Are you wondering about new functionality in the web app or looking for GraphQL API updates? Fear not, our Developer Relations team will walk you through recent feature releases!

"Let me show you"

Share and teach the community a tech-related topic. Did you rebuild your company website and made it much faster? We can’t wait to hear about it. Are you excited about the Jamstack? Let us know! Are you running your IOT devices with Contentful? We’d love to hear from you!

Henri Helvetica - Moving Pictures: A Snapshot at The Future Of Web Media

Henri is a freelance developer who has turned his interests to a passionate mix of site performance engineering and pinches of user experience. When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or auditing sites in devtools, Henri can be found contributing back to the community: Toronto Web Performance Group meetup + Jamstack Toronto organizer, curating conference content or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps. Otherwise, Henri is focusing on running the fastest 5k possible (surprise surprise), encouraging a healthy lifestyle via #devsWhoRun.

"I built this"

Share your screen and show us what you built!

Erica Du - Texas Housers Covid Rent Clock

I built a rent countdown clock for Texas Housers, a non-profit hoping to use a digital micro campaign to influence Texas policy makers to take action on the piling COVID rent burden. We had a tight deadline and budget, but managed to deploy it in <5 days with React and Contentful! ✌️ i’m a berkeley based software engineer + entrepreneur.

💚 i care about our climate crisis. also, supporting women in STEM and immigrant families.

👩🏻‍💻 i've built stuff at blue ridge labspalantircodecademy, and google. i've also researched stuff at cornell and mit.

🍞 i bake at @dudoughs. i sometimes blog about it too.

"Ask us anything"

Ask the Developer Relations team all your questions. We'll answer them on the fly.

Contentful Community social

Let's play a game, chat and hang out!

Join the public channel #monthly-hangout in Slack, make new friends and let's have fun!

If you’re interested in sharing a project with the rest of our community, come speak at one of our monthly hangouts. Check out our speaker form, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Learn more about Contentful here:

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